In today’s market, résumé writing and related job search services focus more on what you achieved while performing your on-the-job skills and less on responsibilities listed on job descriptions.  As a visitor to our site and we assume you are interested in career development and powerful career documents, we ask your help by responding to the following few questions.  We hope you enjoyed our site.  Please take a minute to provide information to us.

1.If you were to receive assistance in preparing career documents, would you want help in writing the resume, the cover letter or both the resume and a cover letter (letter of application)?

2.Do you believe it would be helpful in your case to make sure you are handling interviews in the most effective ways consistent with expectations of recruiters/employers in today’s markets?

3.What is the reason you want/need a resume or are interested in career services at this time?  

4.Employers should not discriminate according to age, race, etc.  Would it be helpful in your case, for you to have your resume developed in a way that would not enable the employer to learn your age, race, etc. and still report your positions chronologically?

5.Are you a student?  Have you just graduated or are you going to graduate soon?

6.How long have you been in the workforce?

7.        In what state do you currently reside?  

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